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Boni Beach offers four unique room types to cater to different needs and budget. The first room type, the Pool Side Room, is perfect for travelers seeking comfort at an affordable price. The room features a private balcony with a view of the adjoining hills and lush gardens, allowing guests to unwind in style. All rooms are furnished with bespoke custom-made furniture adding to the tropical ambiance.

For those seeking luxury, Boni Beach offers the Bungalow, Deluxe Pool Bungalow, and Four Bedroom Villa. The Bungalow is spacious with its own private garden and view of the hills. The Deluxe Pool Bungalow boasts a private pool and a spacious outdoor area with a hill view. The Four Bedroom Villa is perfect for families or groups seeking a serene, private retreat with its own pool, spacious indoor and outdoor living areas, and hill view. All rooms are decorated with bespoke custom-made furniture to enhance the tropical atmosphere.

Looking into the pool side room Boni beach at the modern custom teak furniture and comfortable Serta Beds

Pool Side Room 

Including a west facing balcony or terrace with options on ground floor with outside spacious bathroom or 2nd floor with views of the Serangan countryside and glimpses of the ocean. Each room has 32 square meters (130 square feet) of private space.

Looking into the bungalow at the spacious modern design of bungalow rooms at Boni Beach Lombok.


Boni Beach offers a few coveted bungalow rooms for guests who want to take their Lombok holiday to the next level. Each bungalow is 45 square meters (485 square feet) and have the comfort of a 4 star accommodation with the traditional architecture of Alang Alang roofs and custom Indonesian teak. Retire in comfort to your Serta king mattress or spend time relaxing in your private lounge on the back deck.

Looking at the private pool in the luxurious deluxe bungalow in Boni Beach Lombok

Deluxe Pool Bungalow 

A one of a kind hotel room for the travelers seeking a one of a kind experience at Boni Beach. This stand alone modern bungalow features Lombok craftsmanship with quality high end finishes to create the ultimate retreat. Relax in 68 square meters of private space and retire in comfort to your Serta King mattress, balcony, and private plunge pool with sun lounge.

Looking from the lounge room to the solid teak kitchen in the luxury Boni Beach Villas.

Boni Villas 

Travelling with more people? Boni Beach has two self contained serviced 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom villas. With your choice of up to 4 single beds. Enjoy your private villa with all the perks of a hotel including restaurant, bar and room service. Your 325 square meter villa is set on a 500 square meter block. It includes large pool and outdoor areas and a ready to use kitchen.